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Faculty Scholarship Celebration

Dr. Patricia Ricci's Scholarship

* Ricci, P.L. (2015) Edwin Austin Abbey's "The passage of the hours: astronomy as history." Inspiration of Astronomical Phenomena VIII: City of Stars, ed. Brian P. Abbott, (Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 2015) 43-55.

Jaucourt, L., chavalier de. (2013). Paysage. (P. L. Ricci, Trans.). In Encyclopedia of Diderot & d'Alembert collaborative translation project. Ann Arbor, MI: Michigan Publishing, University of Michigan Library. (Original work published 1765, Vol. 12, pp. 212-213 in Encyclopedie ou Dictionnaire raisonne des sciences, des arts et des metiers). Retrieved from;rgn=main

*2016 Submission