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Faculty Scholarship Celebration

Dr. Brian Newsome's Scholarship

Newsome, W. B. (2012). Women of the pavillons: A case study. Historical Reflections/Reflexions Historiques, 38(3). 107-128.

Article available via Berghahn Journals & within the library.

Newsome, W. B. (2014). Occupation, race, and empire: Maxence Van der Mersch's Invasion 14. Historical Reflectins/Reflexions Historiques, 40(1). 47-66.

Article available via Berghahn Journals & within the library.

Dr. Alexandria Poole's Scholarship

 *Poole, A.K., Hargrove, E.C., Day, P., Forbes, W., Berkowitz, A.R., Feinsinger, P. & Rozzi, R. (2013) A call for ethics literacy in environmental education. In Linking Ecology and Ethics for a Changing World, pp. 349-371. Springer Netherlands.

 McHale, M.R., Pickett, S.T.A., Barbosa, O., Bunn, D.N., Cadenasso, M.L.,Childers, D.L., Gartin, M., Hess, G.R., Iwaniec, D.M., McPhearson, T., Peterson, M.N., Poole, A.K., Rivers, III, L., Shutters, S.T., Zhou, W. (2015). The new global urban realm: complex, connected, diffuse, and diverse social-ecological systems. Sustainability, 7, 5211-5240.

*2016 Submission

Dr. Jean Pretz's Scholarship

*Pretz, J.E., & Kaufman, J.C. (2015) Do traditional admissions criteria reflect applicant creativity? The Journal of Creative Behavior, 0(0), 1-15.

*Zulkosky, K.D., White, K.A., Price, A.L., & Pretz, J.E. (2016) Effect of simulation role on clinical decision-making accuracy. Clinical Simulation in Nursing, 12. 98-106.

*Cotter, K.C., & Pretz, J.E. (2016) Applicant extracurricular involvement predicts creativity better than traditional admissions factors. Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts, 10(1), 2-13. doi: 10.1037/a0039831

*Roy, M.M., Memmert, D., Frees, A., Radzevick, J., Pretz, J.E., & Noel, B. (2016) Rumination and performance in dynamic team sport. Frontiers in Psychology, 6, 1-7.

Pretz, J. E., Brookings, J. B., Carlson, L. A., Humbert, T. K., Roy, M., Jones, M., & Memmert, D. (2014). Development and validation of a new measure of intuition: The types of intuition scale. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 27, 454-467.

Pretz, J. E., & McCollum, V. A. (2014). Self-perceptions of creativity do not always reflect actual creative performance. Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity and the Arts, 8(2), 227-236. doi: 10.1037/a0035597

Article available via PsycARTICLES.

*2016 Submission