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Modern Languages: A Research Guide

Quick tips for finding foreign language materials

Suppose you have to write a short paper or give a presentation for your language class.  Your reading and writing skills are still a little shaky.  You won't be able to read a whole book or a technical article on your topic.  But you need to find some reliable non-English sources.  What can  you do? Here are some tips that will work. Be sure to consult the  guide for each language (see tabs) for specific additional resources.


  1.  Use print encyclopedias and other reference sources on level 2 reference section at the High Library.
  2.  Try the Access World News database.  Click on news, and choose a foreign-language source.
  3.  Search Google Scholar.Click on Scholar Preferences and limit by language.  Save preferences.  Be sure to use search terms in the foreign language.
  4. Search QuickSearch and limit by language and source type.