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Faculty Scholarship Celebration: History

Dr. David Kenley's Scholarship

*Kenley, D. (2014) Advertising community: union times and Singapore's vernacular public sphere, 1906-1939. Journal of World History, 25(4), (December 2014) 583-609.

*Kenley, D. (2014) Understanding and teaching micration in China. Education about Asia, 19(3) (Winter 2014).

Kenley, D. L., & DePuydt, P. J. (2010). Sword of the spirit: A silent relic from China's Christian past. Journal of Asian History, 44, 51-69.

Kenley, D. (2013). Construyendo una comunidad imaginada en America Latina: Fraternidad/Lianhe de La Habana, 1938-1944. In S. C. Mio, R. M. Esquivel, & J. B. Villanueva (Eds.). (E. Q. Montiel, Trans.), Estudios sobre China desde Latinoamerica: Modernidad, geopolitica, religion e inmigracion (pp. 250-274). San Jose: University of Costa Rica Press.

*2016 Submission

Dr. Brian Newsome's Scholarship

Newsome, W. B. (2012). Women of the pavillons: A case study. Historical Reflections/Reflexions Historiques, 38(3). 107-128.

Article available via Berghahn Journals & within the library.

Newsome, W. B. (2014). Occupation, race, and empire: Maxence Van der Mersch's Invasion 14. Historical Reflectins/Reflexions Historiques, 40(1). 47-66.

Article available via Berghahn Journals & within the library.