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Faculty Scholarship Celebration: English

Dr. Kimberly Adams' Scholarship

Prof. Richard Fellinger's Scholarship

Dr. Mark Harman's Scholarship

Harman, M. (2012, September 14). No shell [Review of the book Hesse-Der Wanderer und sein Schatten, by G. Decker]. Times Literary Supplement, 5711, 7-8.

Dr. David Downing's Scholarship

*Downing, D.C. (2015, January). Interview by Ken Myers [Audio recording]. Mars Hill Audio Journal (Volume 126) Charlottesville, VA. Retrieved from

*Downing, D.C. (2015). Foreword. In  Werther, D. & Werther, S. (Eds.) C.S. Lewis's list: the ten books that influenced him the most. New York: Bloomsbury Academic.

*Downing, D.C. (2015). The pilgrim's paradox. In Curtis, C. (Ed.) Women and C.S. Lewis. (pp.127-133) Oxford: Lion Hudson.

*Downing, D.C. (2015). Transcending ourselves: C. S. Lewis on learning. Christian History. 113. 34-36. 

*Downing, D.C. (2016, March 9).When myth became fact and men became mythmakers. [Web log post]. Retrieved from

*2016 Submission

Dr. John Rohrkemper's Scholarship

Haines, J., & Rohrkemper, J. (2008, March 15). Las Madres de la Plaza [DVD]. Leffler Chapel and Performance Center, Elizabethtown College, Elizabethtown, PA.

Dr. Matthew Skillen's Scholarship

* Sedun, A. & Skillen, M. (2015) The breath of life: a framework for re-storying teens and their teachers in summer school English through the two lungs of storytelling and dialogue. English Journal, 104(5), 102-105.

Skillen, M., Blunk, N., Kirgan, S., Orr, R., Pellegrino, K., Viscardi, A., & Walters, M. (2014). From innocence to relevance: Preservice teachers' reflections on attending the 2013 ALAN Workshop. ALAN Review, 41(3), 97-99.

*2016 Submission

Prof. Jesse Waters' Scholarship