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Faculty Scholarship Celebration: I-M

Dr. Kirsten Johnson's Scholarship

Dr. Kyle Kopko's Scholarship

*Shah, R., & Kopko, K.C. (2016). Feminist pedagogy and the socratic method: partners in the classroom or a disaster waiting to happen? Higher Education Studies, 6(2), 39-49. Retrieved from

*2016 Submission

Dr. Jeffrey Long's Scholarship

*Long, J. (2016) The impact of Swami Vavekananda in the west: an overview. In Swami Atmashraddhananda (Ed.) Spirituality Today: An Overview of Contemporary Trends in Spritual Living and the Essentials of Spirituality.

*Long, J. (February, 2016) Reflections on the Buddha: historical and philosophical, part one. Sutra Journal.

*Long, J. (2015, January) The need for a meaningful narrative. Prabuddha Bharata (Awakened India), 120(1), 110-117.

*Long, J. (2015, July) Tantra. Prabuddha Bharata (Awakened India).

*Long, J. (2015, August) Who is a Hindu? Sutra Journal. Retrieved from

*Long, J. (2015, August) The Gita: a healing revelation. Sutra Journal. Retrieved from

*Long, J. (2015, October) Sad darsanas: six views on reality. Sutra Journal. Retrieved from

*Long, J. & Zutshi, V. (2015, November) Conversation with Dr. Jeffery D. Long at Sutra Journal: Dharma, religion, and politics. Sutra Journal.

*Long, J. (2015, November) Past life memory, quantum theory, and Indian philosophy (

*Long, J. (2015, December) What would Swami Vivekananda do? Tolerance, intolerance and acceptance (

*Long, J. (2015, December) Why believe in rebirth? Sustra Journal. Retrieved from

*Long, J. (2014) Diversity as the nature of reality: a Jain-informed approach to the variety of worldviews. On World Religions: Diversity, Not Dissension, Anindita Balslev (ed).

*Long, J. (September, 2014) The transformation of yoga and Hinduism: negotiating authenticity, innovation, and identity in a global context. Religious Studies Review.

*2016 Submission

Dr. Joseph Mahoney's Scholarship

*Mahoney, J.L., Burns, T., Zaman, P., Speierman, S., Speierman, E., & Schaffer, C. (2016, March) Where's the science?: what out-of-school activity practitioners say about using research to inform their practice. Poster accepted for presentation at the biennial meeting of the Society for Research on Adolescence, Baltimore, MD.

Mahoney, J.L. (2015, January) A practical guide to the science and practice of afterschool programming: new directions for youth development, number 144. Joseph L. Mahoney (editor), Gina Warner (editor). 128 pages. Jossey-Bass.

*2016 Submission

Dr. Susan Mapp's Scholarship

Dr. David Kenley's Scholarship

*Kenley, D. (2014) Advertising community: union times and Singapore's vernacular public sphere, 1906-1939. Journal of World History, 25(4), (December 2014) 583-609.

*Kenley, D. (2014) Understanding and teaching micration in China. Education about Asia, 19(3) (Winter 2014).

Kenley, D. L., & DePuydt, P. J. (2010). Sword of the spirit: A silent relic from China's Christian past. Journal of Asian History, 44, 51-69.

Kenley, D. (2013). Construyendo una comunidad imaginada en America Latina: Fraternidad/Lianhe de La Habana, 1938-1944. In S. C. Mio, R. M. Esquivel, & J. B. Villanueva (Eds.). (E. Q. Montiel, Trans.), Estudios sobre China desde Latinoamerica: Modernidad, geopolitica, religion e inmigracion (pp. 250-274). San Jose: University of Costa Rica Press.

*2016 Submission

Dr. Catherine Lemley's Scholarship

Dr. Michael Long's Scholarship

Dr. Fletcher McClellan's Scholarship

*McClellan, E.F. (2016) What a long, strange trip it's been: three decades of outcomes assessment in higher education. Political Science & Politics, 49(1), 88-92.

McClellan, E. F. (in press). Best practices in undergraduate curricular design in American political science. In J. Ishiyama, W. Miller, & E. Simon (Eds.), Handbook of teaching and learning in political science and international relations. Edward Elgar Publishing.

*2016 Submission


Dr. Timothy McDevitt's Scholarship

Silberstein, M., Stuckey, W.M., & McDevitt, T. (2012). Being, becoming and the undivided universe: a dialogue between relational blockworld and the implicate order concerning the unification of relativity and quantum theory. Foundations of Physics, 43(4), 502-532.

Silberstein, M., Stuckey, W.M., & McDevitt, T. (2015). Relational blockworld: providing a realist psi-epistemic account of quantum mechanics. International Journal of Quantum Foundations, 1, 123-170.

Silberstein, M., Stuckey, W.M., & McDevitt, T. (2016). Concerning quadratic interaction in the quantum cheshire cat experiment. International Journal of Quantum Foundations, 2, 17-31.

Dr. Peggy McFarland's Scholarship

*McFarland, P. (2015) Needs of the older population in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Caribbean Journal of Social Work, Vol. 1, 169-188.

*2016 Submission