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Diversity & Inclusion


This guide highlights diverse content in the High Library's collections and includes resources for both research and personal interest.

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Do you have any recommendations for us? Feel free to share your favorite books and lists, or point out any holes in what we've chosen to feature.



High Library Diversity Statement and Goals

The High Library values diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging as fundamental aspects of our mission. We affirm the principles and practices of social justice as we strive to provide a safe and welcoming environment for all people, regardless of group and social identity differences (including race, ethnicity, nation of origin, biological sex, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, physical or cognitive abilities, age, and socio-economic class, as well as cultural, political, or religious affiliations) or individual differences (including personality and life experiences).

We commit to:

  • Providing access to collections and resources that cultivate a heightened awareness, increased sensitivity, and deepened understanding of people’s diverse identities and histories
  • Offering inclusive services and accessible spaces that reduce systemic barriers
  • Sponsoring programs and events that respect and honor diverse perspectives and historically underrepresented groups
  • Supporting a diverse team of staff who seek to approach their work with cultural responsiveness, humility, and empathy

Our vision for diversity aligns with:


The lists on this guide are a continuous work in progress. We welcome suggestions! Please send suggestions to

Would your student group, department, or office like to create a featured list of books and resources? Contact Jennifer Strain.

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