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Research Help: Getting Started

High Library's Virtual Reference Desk


Adopt a librarian from the High Library today!

These librarians are all eager to be found by the perfect student. Librarians each have their own unique personality, so take a look at their profiles and find your match. Once you’ve decided on your personal librarian, contact them to say ‘Hi!’ and let them know whenever you need help with your research.

Josh Cohen

Name: Josh Cohen

Title: Instruction and Outreach Librarian

Favorite Questions to Answer: Any Kind of Literature Research Questions

Some Favorite Authors: William Carlos Williams, Elizabeth Bishop, August Wilson, Kevin Young

Hobbies: Music and Writing

Full Days in the Library: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Contact Him:, x1453

Rachel Grove Rohrbaugh

Name: Rachel Grove Rohrbaugh

Title: Archivist

Expert In: Hess Archives, Primary Sources, College History, Rare Books

Can Be Bribed With: Tacos and Book Recommendations

Favorite Questions to Answer: Anything that seems impossible to answer and requires lots of digging!

Pronouns: she/her

Contact Her:, x1570

*Certified Safe Zone*

Susan Krall

Name: Susan Krall

Title: Systems Librarian

Expert In: Web development, Interlibrary Loan & MS Office software

Also An Expert In: Star Wars, Doctor Who & The Food Network

Can Be Bribed With: Vegan Chocolate & Kittens

Favorite Questions to Answer: Difficult search queries and hard to find items.

Contact Her:, x1457

Sarah Penniman

Name: Sarah Penniman

Title: Director

Expert In: Visioning and Report Writing

Also An Expert In: Copyediting and Puzzles (any kind)

Favorite Question to Answer: What can the library do for me?

Can Be Bribed With: Gummi Bears and Plants (of the easy-care variety)

Contact Her:, x1428

Jen Strain

Name: Jen Strain

Title: Instruction and Scholarly Communications Librarian

Expert In: Copyright, Citation, Synthesis, and the CRAAP Test

Also An Expert In: Harry Potter and Escape Rooms

Can Be Bribed With: Cat Photos, Yarn, and Good Locations to Hike

Favorite Question to Answer: How do you cite this?

Contact Her:, x1480

*Certified Safe Zone*

Tom Zaharevich

Name: Tom Zaharevich

Title: Collection Development Librarian

Expert In: QuickSearch, Library Catalog, JayScholar

Favorite Authors: David McCullough, James McPherson, Don Freeman

Favorite Place on Campus: Jay’s Nest (and the Library!)

Favorite Question to Answer: Where can I find …?

Contact Him:, x1452

Clarissa Grunwald

Name: Clarissa Grunwald

Title: Access Services Librarian

Expert In: The everyday workings of the circulation desk, Interlibrary Loan, the Starbucks kiosk

Also An Expert In: Tabletop RPGs and Viola jokes

Can Be Bribed With: Baked goods and Access to cats

Favorite Question to Answer: Anything that starts with “So this is weird, but…”

Contact Her:, x1451


Name: Cookie

Title: Substitute Reference Librarian

Expert in: Cookies

Also an expert in: Milk

Can be bribed with: Cookies, Cookies, More Cookies

Favorite questions to answer: Baking. Specifically, cookies.

Contact Him:, x1461