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Business/Industry Resources in the Reference Collection

Industry Surveys. Standard and Poor’s Corporation.
Ref 332.67 St785i

Includes basic and current analysis for 33 major domestic industries. Includes financial comparisons of the leading companies in each industry and is updated quarterly. Older issues are in the stacks and are available for checkout.

RMA Annual Statement Studies.
657.3 R642s

Contains composite financial data on manufacturing, wholesaling, retailing service and contracting lines of business. Balance sheets and income statements are shown in common size, with each item a percentage of total assets and sales (or revenues), respectively. Some industries are not represented because the sample size is too small or there were significant questions concerning the data. Older issues are in the stacks and are available for checkout.

Almanac of Business and Industrial Financial Ratios.
Ref 338.5 T864e

Reports on 192 major and minor industries. Provides fundamental analytical tools needed to compare companies in the same industry and of the same asset size. Past trend analysis was not continued because of the switch to NAICS coding and additional industries. Older issues are in the stacks and are available for checkout.

North American Industry Classification System.
Ref 338.0012 N864

Allows one to find equivalent industry codes between the Standard Industrial Code (SIC) and the NAICS.

Encyclopedia of American Industries.
Ref 338.0973 En56

Arranged by SIC code for manufacturing or service industries.

Encyclopedia of Global Industries.
Ref 338.003 En56

Arranged by SIC code.