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Getting Started

Getting to the databases & formulating your search


Regardless of what you are researching, the research process is similar. Below, the steps to writing a research paper are outlines, and each step has links to help navigate and illustrate the concept.

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Ten Steps to Research Paper Success


1. Get Started

               -Understand Your Assignment

                              OWL, Understanding Writing Assignments:

               -Identify Your Audience/Purpose

                              OWL, Purposes:

               -Select a Topic

                              OWL, Choosing a Topic:


2. Find Background Information

               -Why Use the Library

                              High Library, “”:

               -Use Different Types of Sources

                              Bloomsburg, Information Types:

               -Ask a Librarian

                              High Library, Ask Us:


3. Develop a Research Question

               -Narrow/Broaden Your Topic

                              High Library, Search Strategy:

               -Develop a Working Thesis

                              OWL, Developing Strong Thesis Statements:


4. Research Your Topic

               -Use Your Library Guide

                              High Library, Lib Guide Index:

               -Develop Search Strategies

                              High Library, Search Strategy:

               -Find Books

                              High Library, Catalog:

               -Find Articles

                              High Library, Databases by Subject:


5. Read Your Sources

               -Take Good Notes

                              Palgrave, Making Notes:


6. Cite Your Sources and Avoid Plagiarism

               -Create a Bibliography

                              High Library, Putting it Together:

               -Use Zotero

                              High Library, Zotero:


7. Plan Your Paper

               -Organize Your Argument

                              OWL, Organizing Your Argument:

               -Outline Your Paper

                              OWL, Why and How to Create a Useful Outline:


8. Write Your First Draft

               -Write Effectively

                              OWL, Academic Writing:

               -Integrate Your Sources

                              OWL, Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing:

               -Get Help from a Writing Tutor

                              Etown, The Writing Wing:


9. Revise and Rewrite

               -Do Additional Research

                              High Library, Do Additional Research:

               -Revise Your Work

                              High Library, Revise Your Work:


10. Put Your Paper in Final Form

               -Proofread Your Paper

                              High Library, Proofread Your Paper: