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Anabaptist and Pietist Studies: A Research Guide

How do I get the article?

Use Journal Finder to see which journals you can get. Some titles are within the High Library itself (in print, microfiche, or microfilm), others are available electronically in various databases. If the journal is held, check to see if the dates you need are available. This is a powerful gateway to about 33,000 titles!

If the periodical you want is in microfilm or microfiche, you can order copies of the articles online by using  ILLiad. Click on Request an Article and fill out the form. You will receive an email with a link when the article is available, usually within 24-48 hours (M-F).

Articles that are not available either in the library or in library databases can be ordered on interlibrary loan, through ILLiad. ILL can take anywhere from 3-5 business days, on average.

Amish Periodicals

The Hess Archives and High Library have a rich collection of periodicals largely written by Amish people for Amish people. Suggested titles are below. You can check current holdings in JournalFinder.

Hess Archives

  • Die Botschaft

  • The Diary

  • The Budget

  • Plain Interests

  • The Connection

  • Home Messenger

  • Ladies Journal

  • Life’s Special Sunbeams

  • Buggy Builder’s Bulletin

  • The Grapevine

  • Truck Patch News

  • Die Blatt

  • Plain Connection

  • Gemeinde Register

  • Plains Community Business Exchange

  • Ohio Amish Business Directory

  • Dutch Business Directory

  • Lancaster County Business Directory

  • The Diary: Lancaster Gemeinde Brief

  • The Plough

  • Der Gemeinde Brief (Ohio)

  • Die Bote

  • Die Anzeiger

  • Brotherhood Journal

  • Die News

  • Little Red Hen News

  • Die Kurier

  • Hearts & Voices

  • Die Kingston Blatt

  • Der Kirche Brief

  • Northland Newslink

  • Der Obertal Brief

  • Single Girls Newsletter

  • Sparty News Exchange

  • Das Vögele

  • Wisconsin Star (Fennimore-Plattesville Newsletter)

High Library Periodical Stacks

  • Sugarcreek Budget

  • Heritage Country

  • Young Companion

  • Family Life

  • Blackboard Bulletin