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EN 100: Writing and Language - Waters

APA Citations


Welcome to the Reference list activity. You will first work on identifying some different resources on the topic of Digital Literacy and Misinformation. Then you will work on creating APA citations for these sources in groups. 

Citation Relay



                                             Credit: Arch-Angel Raphael the Artist. (2019). "400 Meter Relay Race." WIkimedia Commons.                            

The Rules:

You will work in two teams:

  • Team 1 will be assigned sources 1 - 3.

  • Team 2 will be assigned 4 - 6.

You will then work in 3 pairs or in groups of 3 on creating a citation for your sources (depends upon the class size). We will use the APA Style Guide - Reference Examples or the APA's Common Reference Example Guide to create our citations (see the PDF below). You may also use a copy of the APA manual. The team must have all its citation ready before it can officially begin writing their citations on the whiteboard. Once all your citation are ready, pair 1 from each team will write their citation on the whiteboard. If the citation is correct, the next pair for that team can work on the next citation. If not, the librarian will tell the pair how many errors they have.


Note: For really long titles, you only need to include the title up to a colon (for the sake of time). I will also not require you to write out complete URLs (partial URLs will count). 


Note: Any parts of the citation that are italicized must be underlined on the whiteboard.


The team to finish all their citations first (or finish the most citations in the given time) wins the game!