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Physician Assistant: A Research Guide

January Workshop 2024

Example Articles for Literature Reviews

Literature Review incorporated into "Background"

Kulo, V., Fleming, S., Gordes, K. L., Jun, H.-J., Cawley, J. F., & Kayingo, G. (2021). A physician assistant entry-level doctoral degree: More harm than good? BMC Medical Education, 21(1), 274.

Whole article is a Literature Review

Saunders, Abby,PhD., P.A.-C., & McWeeney, Michelle,PhD., P.A.-C. (2022). Curricular inclusion of sexual and gender minority primary healthcare needs for physician assistant trainees: A literature review. Journal of Allied Health, 51(1), 52-58.


Comparison & Synthesis Exercise

Article 1

Peltzer, K., & Pengpid, S. (2015). Nocturnal sleep problems among university students from 26 countries. Sleep & Breathing = Schlaf & Atmung, 19(2), 499–508.

Article 2

Wallace, D. D., Boynton, M. H., & Lytle, L. A. (2017). Multilevel analysis exploring the links between stress, depression, and sleep problems among two-year college students. Journal of American College Health, 65(3), 187–196.


Cochrane Library Exercise

Kunzler, A. M., Helmreich, I., König, J., Chmitorz, A., Wessa, M., Binder, H., & Lieb, K. (2020). Psychological interventions to foster resilience in healthcare students. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, (7). Article CD013684.

Sekhar, P., Tee, Q. X., Ashraf, G., Trinh, D., Shachar, J., Jiang, A., Hewitt, J., Green, S., & Turner, T. (2021). Mindfulness‐based psychological interventions for improving mental well‐being in medical students and junior doctors. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, (12). Article CD013740.

Clinical Workshop September 2023

Article 1

Ramsey, C. A., Lamb, P., Kaur, M., Baxter, G. D., & Ribeiro, D. C. (2019). “How are running shoes assessed? A systematic review of characteristics and measurement tools used to describe running footwear.” Journal of Sports Sciences, 37(14), 1617–1629.

Article 2

Malisoux, L., & Theisen, D. (2020). Can the “appropriate” footwear prevent injury in leisure-time running? Evidence versus beliefs. Journal of Athletic Training, 55(12), 1215–1223.