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Faculty Scholarship Celebration: Education

Dr. Shannon Haley-Mize's Scholarship

Haley-Mize, S., & Walker, D. (2014). Effect of instructional methodology on preservice educators' technological, pedagogical, and content knowledge. International Journal of Learning in Higher Education, 20, 13-25.

Haley-Mize, S., & Bishop, J. (in press). Exploring TPACK model practices: Designing, facilitating and evaluating effectiveness of constructivist technology-integration experiences among pre-service teachers. In C. Angeli-Valanides, & N. Valanides (Eds.), Technological pedagogical content knowledge. Springer.

Dr. Juan Toro's Scholarship

Young Miller, E., Macaulay, L., Hyder-Darlington, L., & Toro, J. (2014, June). Learning from lesson plans and information literacy: How the two can work together to benefit students. Poster session presented at the annual conference of the American Library Association, Las Vegas, NV.