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Information Literacy at Elizabethtown College

Welcome to the High Library's Information Literacy Webpage!

Welcome to the High Library's Information Literacy Webpage!

It is one of our primary roles at High Library to teach students information literacy skills and concepts that promote lifelong learning and professional development and that prepare students for lives of civic engagement and public service, supporting the overall mission of Elizabethtown College.

In partnership with Elizabethtown College faculty, our information literacy program delivers course-integrated instruction to students in stages, beginning with broad, introductory research methods and progressing on to a mastery of skills specific to each student’s disciplinary concentration.[1] Throughout each stage, students also learn higher-level “threshold concepts” that aim to deepen their understanding of the research process across disciplines.[2]

To schedule a library instruction session or workshop, please contact Josh Cohen or Jennifer Strain, or fill out the Library Instruction Request Form.

[1] Adapted from Carnegie Mellon University’s Mission Statement at

[2] Association of College and Research Libraries. (2015). Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education

Our Goals

In order to help students succeed in an age of information abundance and rapid technological change, our information literacy program aims to ensure that students are able to meet the following goals:

GOAL 1 - Student Understands Their Information/Research Needs and How to Use Different Tools to Meet Those Needs

GOAL 2 - Student Understands How to Search for and Organize Information

GOAL 3 - Student Thinks Critically About Information and the Research Process

GOAL 4 - Student Values Information and Uses It Ethically


Library Instruction by Schools

Josh Jen Rachel
  1. Arts & Humanities
  2. Business
  3. Public Service
  1. Engineering, Computer Science, & Math
  2. Human & Health Professions
  3. Sciences
  4. SGPS

Primary Research & Archival Instruction


Sample Information Literacy Topics

For First-Year Courses

  1. Differentiating scholarly and non-scholarly sources*
  2. Differentiating primary, secondary, and tertiary sources*
  3. Citations Workshop
  4. Academic Integrity Workshop
  5. Assignment-Specific Research Session*
  6. Resource Evaluation*
  7. Using Reference Resources Effectively*
  8. Finding and Narrowing a Research Topic*
  9. Building Tour

For Upper Division Courses

  1. Assignment-Specific Research Session
  2. Advanced Subject Databases
  3. Advanced Google Scholar
  4. Understanding Copyright Workshop
  5. Bibliographic Mining
  6. Literature Review Preparation
  7. Synthesis of Sources
  8. Researching Beyond High Library Resources

*starred items are recommended for all FYS library instruction sessions

Library Instruction Request Form