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FYS Anime, Manga, J-Pop, J-Horror: Introduction to Japanese Pop Culture: Bhattacharya

Getting started

                                     Entrance to Harajuku street, Tokyo

Entrance to Takeshita Street, Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan

With links to a variety of resources just for your course, this guide is a great place to start your research!  Remember that these are only some of the sources that may be useful to you.  Have a question? Need help? Feel free to use the contact information in the sidebar, or schedule an appointment with a librarian!

In-Class Activities and Handout

Research Prep

What is your topic?

Fill in as much of the following as is appropriate to your topic. Everything you write in is a potential keyword: Include any synonyms and alternate spellings you can think of.

  1. Title:
  2. Creator:
  3. Studio / Director / Publisher:
  4. Genre:
  5. Theme:
  6. Format:
  7. Similar works (in theme or content):
  8. Issue/Aspect Under Analysis:
  9. Are there any other keywords can you use to search?


Research Activity

  1. Identify two databases from the research guide that look like they will cover your topic.
  2. Search in one or both of the databases and find one article that seems useful.
  3. Consider how the article relates to your topic and why it will be useful in your research. What makes you think it will be a good source?
  4. Answer these questions in the Google Sheet, and cite your source in MLA.
  5. When you are finished, take the survey in the research guide, then use the rest of the time to do more research on your topic. Don’t be afraid to try searching in another database!