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ED 341: Cultural and Linguistic Diversity


Research is a systematic investigation or inquiry aimed at contributing to knowledge of a theory, topic, etc., by careful consideration, observation, or study of a subject. (OED)

Sample Research Articles

Article 1

DiCerbo, P. A., Anstrom, K. A., Baker, L. L., & Rivera, C. (2014). A review of the literature on teaching Academic English to English language learners. Review of Educational Research, 84(3), 446-482. doi: 10.3102/0034654314532695 {also}


Article 2

Snyder, E., Witmer, S.E., & Schmitt, H. (2017). English language learners and reading instruction: A review of the literature. Preventing School Failure: Alternative Education for Children and Youth, 61(2), 136-145, doi: 10.1080/1045988X.2016.1219301


Article 3

Cruz de Quiros, A. M., Lara-Alecio, R., Tong, F., & Irby, B. J. (2012). The effect of a structured story reading intervention, story retelling and higher order thinking for English language and literacy acquisition. Journal of Research in Reading, 35(1), 87-113. Retrieved from