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HE 210: Global Health Care Systems


Primary (Government)

Information direct from the government

Primary (Scholarly)

Reports new research conducted by the author(s)


Gathers and Analyzes information from other sources


Summarizes information from many sources on a broad topic


The CRAAP acronym for evaluating sources, particularly those found online. 


C - Currency  - When was the source published and does the date of publication meet the needs of the research topic?

R - Relevance - Does the information in the source directly apply to your research and help to support your thesis or research question? 

A - AuthorityThis is an important one when looking at online sources. Is the author / authors an authority on the topic? Is the publisher of the information trustworthy and reliable? If you aren't familiar with the publication or website, you should do some quick research on it to make sure it is a professional publisher. If the resource doesn't appear to be professional, could you find a better source elsewhere online or from a database?

A - AccuracyDoes the source cite or link to research that backs its claims or arguments? Are those resources also reliable or trustworthy? 

P - Purpose Is the source meant to inform or is its purpose to sell something or to entertain?

The CRAAP Test was developed by Meriam Library at California State University, Chico and is sharable via a CC License.

Evaluating Resources