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Sustainability Resource Guide


Blogs Notes
Green Student U Eco events and sustainable living tips geared towards college kids
Non-Toxic Kids Toxicity and safe product alternatives
The Alternative Consumer Conscious Consumption ex. Coffee cups and holidays
It's Not Easy Being Green Looking at Green living wih a realist attitude
Reduce Footprints Green tips and challenges
PlanetSave Sustainable living and focus on science
EnviroGadget Rejecting disposible lifestyle and embracing sustainable gadgets
The Greenists Eco living tips
Eco Diva Sustainable beauty products
Environmental Booty Green living and conscious consumption
Green Talk Green archictecture
My Zero Waste Zero-waste living
Shift Your Habit Conscious Consumption
OrganicMama environmentalism and questioning commericializtion
Tiny Farm Blog Farming
A Self Sufficient Life Survivalist mentality and conscious consumption Honest reviews of eco-friendly products
Green Tech Gazette Green tech news
Urban Gardents Impactful gardens in small spaces
The EcoSpheric Blog Environmental news
Trash is for Tossers Waste-Free Living
Zero Waste Home Waste-Free Living