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Church of the Brethren Special Collections and Archives

Heidelberg Meeting House

Photo from The Church of the Brethren (Dunkers) in Lebanon County, 1916 by J. G. Francis

Online Brethren Books

Below are High Library books that are part of the Brethen Digital Archives:

Urstandliche und Erfahrungs-volle Hohe Zeugnusse (1745) by Conrad Beissel

A Unique Manuscript (1912) by Conrad Beissel

Mennonites in the World War (1921) by J. S. Hartzler

The Olive Branch of Peace and Good Will to Ment Anti-war History of the Brethren and Mennonites, the Peace People of the South, During the Civil War, 1861-1865 (1907) by Samuel F. Sanger

Religion and the war (1914) by Yale University, Divinity School

The Church of the Brethren (Dunkers) in Lebanon County (1916) by J. G. Francis

The Great First-work of the Church, Missions  (1922) by Wilbur Brenner Stover

History of the Church of the Brethren of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania (1915) by Eastern District of Pennsylvania

China--a Challenge to the Church (1919) by General Mission Board

India: A Problem (1903) by Wilbur B. Stover

Physical and Industrial Geography of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (1916) by H. Justin Roddy

A Brief History of Lancaster County (1892) by Israel Smith Clare, ed. Anna Lyle

Lancaster County Indians; Annals of the Susquehannocks and Other Indian Tribes of the Susquehanna Territory From About the Year 1500 to 1763, the Date of Their Extinction (1909) by Henry Frank Eshleman

Erster Theil der Theosophischen Lectionen (1752) by Ephrata community and Johann Conrad Beissee

Souvenir Book of the Ephrata Cloister (1921) by Samuel Grant Zerfass

War vs Peace: a Short Treatise on War: Its Causes, Horrors, and Costs; and Peace: Its History and Means of Advancement (1910) by Jacob Funk

In the Prison Camps of Germany: a Narrative of "Y" Service Among Prisoners of War (1920) by Conrad Hoffman

The Pennsylvania-German in the French and Indian War: a Historical Sketch (1905) by Henry Melchior Muhlenerg Richards

Some Problems of the Peace Conference (1920) by Charles Homer Haskins and Robert Howard Lord

The Churches of Christ in Time of War (1917) by the Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America and Charles S. Macfarland

Thirty-Three Years of Missions in the Church of the Brethren (1913) by Galen Brown Royer

Missons and the Church (1914) by Wilbur Brenner Stover

Two Centuries of the Church of the Brethren; or, The Beginnings of the Brotherhood: Bicentennial Addresses at the Annual Conference, Held at Des Moines, Iowa, June 3-11, 1908 (1908) by the Church of the Brethren

History of the Church of the Brethren of the Western District of Pennsylvania (1916) by Jerome E. Blough

History of the Church of the Brethren: Eastern Pennsylvania, 1915-1965 (1965) by Eastern District of Pennsylvania

The Organization and Early History of Elizabethtown College (1937) by George N. Falkenstein

History of Elizabethtown College, 1899-1970 (1971) by Ralph W. Schlosser

Uniting Work and Spirit: A Centennial History of Elizabethtown College (2001) by Chet Williamson