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Public Health: A Research Guide

Resource Evaluation Exercise

Click the link to share your evaluation of each of the following research articles. Your topic focus is on original research that focuses on HIV interventions related to behavior. You are interested only in studies in the United States. You will note that each article is a different type, and you'll want to factor this into your evaluation.


Article #1 
Adding the female condom to the public health agenda on prevention of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections among men and women during anal intercourse.


Article #2 

Structural Interventions in HIV Prevention: A Taxonomy and Descriptive Systematic Review. 


Article #3 
Sexual Risk Behavior and Lifetime HIV Testing: The Role of Adverse Childhood Experiences.


Evaluation Criteria to Consider

1. What type of article is this? Does it include original research?

2. Would date of publication be a factor worth considering? Why/why not?

3. If the article does not include original research, what kind of research is included and how might it still be useful for your research?