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Education: A Research Guide

Education News

Education Week The major K-12 education news weekly. In addition to a digest version of the current issue of EW, the site offers a searchable archive (1989+), the monthly publication Teacher Magazine, special reports and job listings.

New York Times: Education Free access (with free registration, get more info here) to recent articles on education topics.

Harvard Education Letter Research Online A bimonthly newsletter that covers timely topics in depth, from the perspective of both research and practice. (1994-2015)

Bilingual Education/ESL

The Center for Applied Linguistics hosts former ERIC Clearinghouse materials, including an online directory of ESL resources, plus many other resources.

Special Education Resources

Service Learning

Corporation for National and Community Service Resources for teachers and school administrators.

Educational Policy

NCES K-12 Practitioners' Circle Statistics for parents, teachers, administrators, policymakers, librarians.

Regional Educational Laboratories (REL) Program Gateway to 10 RELs who work to ensure that those involved in educational improvement at the local, state, and regional levels have access to the best available information from research and practice. Each REL specializes in an area, such as assessment, language and cultural diversity, etc.

PA Pages

Pennsylvania Department of Education  The authority for the commonwealth.

Pennsylvania School Performance Profile  Offers a web-based resource for districts/schools to communicate performance results to various constituencies and assist districts and schools in aligning and focusing resources for continuous improvement., from the PA Dept of Ed.

Teachers' Home Page  Everything you need to know about certification and prep, job ads, etc. from the PDE (who else?).

Job Resources

50 States Certification Requirements  A link to certification requirements, based at the U. of Kentucky's College of Education.

MonsterCollege Targeted job listings and resume database for Etown students. No password needed on campus. For off-campus access, email Career Services

New Jersey School Jobs  Find postings for New Jersey school systems.  Promises one-stop shopping for job-seekers; created by a consortium of schools, intermediate units, colleges and universities, and other organizations in PA.

TopSchoolJobs.Org From the national news weekly, Education Week.