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Psychology of Stress Resource Guide - Fall 2020

Psychology of Stress Video Student Presentations

Click here to view the presentations from the students in Dr. Dalton's Psychology of Stress class in Fall 2020.


Fall 2020

PSY 360 Psychology of Stress Class

Tips and Tricks for Coping with Stress

Below is a list of the different stress management resources contained in this folder. These resources were prepared by Elizabethtown College Psychology 360 students in Fall 2020.

Questions about any of the resources? Feel free to reach out to the students or Dr. Liz Dalton (

  1. Acceptance Strategies (Hailey Hahn and Veronica Martonik)
    1. Acceptance Strategies Resources and Worksheets

  1. Progressive Muscle Relaxation (Chelsea Balulis, Carly Patterson, and Victoria Vaughn)
    1. Progressive Muscle Relaxation Guide
    2. Progressive Muscle Relaxation Video

  1. Diaphragmatic Breathing (Maddie Bender, Eric Carle, Sophia Strock)
    1. Diaphragmatic Breathing Instructions
    2. Diaphragmatic Breathing Resources

  1. Spending Time in Nature (Cassidy Brown, Jen Mele, and Maddie Lazzelle)
    1. Spending Time in Nature Infographic and Resources
    2. All Trails Explanation Resource

  1. Mindful Meditation (Melanie Chester, Melissa Fitzgibbon, and Jocelyn Kosik)
    1. Mindful Meditation Handout

  1. Yoga (Veronica Christ, Kayla Kolivras, and Aiyanna Tietze-Di Toro)
    1. Resources for Yoga for Stress Relief

  1. Expressive Art and Music Therapy Techniques (Gabriella Clarizio, Holly Phillips, and Sriya Vontela)
    1. Art & Music Therapy Resources and Prompts

  1. Social Support (Avery Faust, Kayla Frantz, and Ashley Mooney)
    1. Social Support Handout
    2. Social Support Infographic

  1. Time Management (Carly Haffner, Megan MacNair, and Abbey Lower)
    1. Time Management Calendar Resources
    2. Reminders App Resources

  1. Journaling (Laverne King, Emily Lamison, and Gretchen Wade)
    1. Positive Journal Handout
    2. Types of Journaling List

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Video