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Finding Specific Journals

This guide has step-by-step instructions for finding articles in specifc journals, as demonstrated with Harvard Business Review.

Finding Journals

It is often easier to find citations for articles than to find their full text. The instructions below will help you track down cited articles in the High Library's databases. This guide uses Harvard Business Review to demonstrate, but it will work for any journal for which the library has a subscription.

If you know the exact title of the article you are looking for, you can search for it using Quick Search.
If that doesn't work, try one of the following methods to find your article.


Note: If you aren't searching for a business journal, follow the instructions for BROWSE below.

If you are looking for a partial title, articles on a particular topic, or would just prefer to narrow your search to a specific journal, you can go directly to Business Source Complete and add the following to your search: JN "Harvard Business Review"

(Replace "Harvard Business Review" with the title of your journal.)


Another option is to enter the title of your journal, surrounded by quotation marks (ie: "Harvard Business Review"), into the search field and select "SO Publication Name" from the dropdown menu.



If you would like to browse through the recent issues of a journal, or you would like to track down a specific article from a citation, follow these steps.

1. Use Journal Finder on the library's home page to search for the title of your journal, such as Harvard Business Review.


2. Select the correct journal from your results.


3. Click on Available Online, then select a database.


4. If you are searching from off-campus, you will be asked to log in.


5. From the menu on the right, select the year, then the issue you are interested in.

Note: If you are searching from a citation, look for the year, volume, and issue. In the following example, 2017 is the year, 95 is the volume, and 6 is the issue: 

Ignatius, A. (2017). The new reality of business. Harvard Business Review, 95(6), 10.


6. This will take you to a list of the articles in that issue. From here, you can read the articles as plain text or as a PDF.


7. You can also view a detailed record for the article by clicking on its title.


8. From the PDF view, you can navigate to other articles in the same issue by using the Table of Contents on the left. You can also use the tools embedded in the PDF viewer to print or save the article to your computer.


Please note: If you are searching for Harvard Business Review, there are 500 articles which the publisher has identified as their most popular articles, which are read-only and unavailable for downloading. (An alert will notify you.) You can still read those articles using these steps.