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Engineering and Physics: A Research Guide

Not sure where to start?  The Library Catalog and QuickSearch will both cover a broad range of physical and electronic resources held by the Library.  QuickSearch search results will even include some of our online journal article content.  For additional or specialized information, check our list of databases below.  See the menu to the upper left for other commonly used resources.

If you are having trouble getting results or selecting the right resources, please see a librarian.  We would be happy to help you.

Top Sources

All Engineering and Physics Databases

Engineering Databases

Related Discipline Databases

General Databases

Database Tutorials

DataVis from AccessEngineering

Use DataVis to view and compare various properties of materials.


Knovel Highlights


Search Activity

  1. What is your topic?

  1. What are your keywords? Write them down using AND/OR/NOT appropriately.

  1. What are some additional synonyms for your keywords that you can use to search?

  1. Find one article in Applied Science and Technology Source. Write down the citation for the article.

  1. Evaluate this article for CRAAP (Currency | Relevance | Authority | Accuracy | Purpose).

  1. What subject terms are listed for this article?

  1. Click on the most relevant subject. How many articles does this retrieve?

  1. Search for your article in Google Scholar. How many articles has it been cited by?

  1. While you are in Google Scholar, set up the Library Link in the settings. Are any of the “cited by” articles available through the High Library?

  1. What other library databases can you use for your topic? List at least two. (Hint: They don’t have to be classified as engineering databases.)