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ED 345/346: Finding ELA Articles

Resources for Finding ELA Articles

With links to a variety of resources just for your course, this guide is a great place to start your research!  Remember that these are only some of the sources that may be useful to you. Have a question? Feel free to use the contact information in the sidebar!


Chistchurch City Libraries "Sparky Reading"

Browse Recent ELA Journals

You can browse recent journal issues for articles that interest you. You can also search within these journals.

On the pages linked below, select either the date range that is linked next to "Full Text" or a year from the right side bar to browse a list of articles in that journal. You can narrow the date range on the results page.

You can also browse articles within the PDF viewer. The PDF of each article will have an interactive table of contents in the left side bar that contains all of the articles in the same journal issue.

Search Databases

Try searching within the following databases:

Narrow Your Search With Subjects

Searching by subject guarantees that your articles will actually be about ELA and don't just pick it up as a keyword. The method of searching by subject is the same in each of the education databases, although the exact terms are slightly different in each one.


1. In one of the search boxes type the subject term.

2. Use the drop down menu to select "SU Subject" OR "SU Descriptors" OR "SU Subject Terms"

3. Enter any additional keywords into the other search boxes. (ie: elementary or digital)


Education Source Subjects

"English language education"

"Language Arts"

ERIC Descriptors

"Language Arts"

"English Curriculum"

"English Instruction"

Teacher Reference Center Subject Terms


"ENGLISH language education"


Don't forget to use the filter in the left sidebar to limit your results by the year they were published!

QuickSearch is a discovery tool that retrieves books, articles, media and more found in the High Library Catalog, databases, and digital collections. Use the facets on the left side of the results screen to narrow your search by publication type, language, date, topic and more.