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Digital Collections

Online Digital Audio and Video

Thank you to Dr. Colin Helb of the Department of Communications and Annemarie Hartzell '16 for their assistance.


Pathway to Fulfillment  (1964)

Anna B. Mow's remembrances of Elizabethtown College's early years (October 17, 1983)

Shakespeare Lectures (1965-1966) by Dr. Ralph Schlosser.

Elizabethtown College Over the Years: Her Changing Patterns (1968) by Dr. Ralph W. Schlosser

This Month at Elizabethtown  (1977)

Merchant of Venice in Pennsylvania Dutch (date unknown) by Dr. Ralph Schlosser

Anthropologist Margaret Mead Lecture and News Conference (October 5, 1972)

Entertainer Art Linkletter news conference (March 16, 1974)

Child Psychologist Bruno Bettelheim Lecture at Elizabethtown College (March 16, 1976)

Vance Packard speech (September 9, 1976)

Comedian Dick Gregory News Conference (September 29, 1970)

Former Chancellor of West Germany and 1971 Peace Prize Laureate Willy Brandt Lecture (April 21, 1988)

New Understanding of Anabaptisim and Pietism lecture by Donald Durnbaugh (1987)

Donald Kraybill lecture (March 14, 1977)

Senator Frank Church Commencement Address (May 14, 1983)

Astronaut Scott Carpenter speech (February 5, 1986)

Sermon on "Repentance" by Rufus P. Bucher (April 5, 1953)

WWEC Campus Radio Station's Inaugural Broadcast (February 27, 1963)


Oral history interview with photographer Dennis Hughes conducted by Archivist Rachel Grove Rohrbaugh, Emily Erdlen '23, and Eric Schubert '23 on October 6, 2021 in Elizabethtown College's High Library. The interview is also available on YouTube.

Elizabethtown College Commencement May 24, 1943

Elizabethtown College Commencement May 24, 1948

Elizabethtown College Commencement May 29, 1950

Oral History Interivew with Jean Grubb Herr and Mary Grubb Fairbanks (May 21, 2015)

WWEC Oral History Project (courtesy of Dr. Colin Helb, Department of Communications)

The Origins of the Heifer Project and the Seagoing Cowboys (interview from January 19, 2014)

Author Eleni Gage reads from her travel memoir, North of Ithaka, at the High Library (March 29, 2006)

Elizabethtown College home movie footage of May Day festivities and other events from 1956-1958

Elizabethtown College home movie footage of May Day festivities and other events from 1959

The December 3rd, 1987 episode of Talk of the Towns, a production of ECTV, Elizabethtown College's student-operated cable television channel