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EN 263 Young Adult (YA) Literature

Topic Development Exercise

Topic Development

For this assignment, you will explore some of the identified YA resources to learn about how scholars follow themes in YA and to help you select and narrow a YA research topic for your own project. Choose at least two of these resources to explore.  Explore more if you are struggling to shape your own topic. 


Below are online sources:

Bickmore’s YA Wednesday (blog)

Graphic Novel Resources

Diversity in YA (blog)

ALAN Review Archives (click on some issues and review article titles/topics.  Pause to open and check out PDFs any articles that seem neat)


You can also explore different popular themes in YA literature by using the online reference articles from Literary Reference Center Plus, titled Young Adult Literature: Themes. Some examples include articles on themes like: 

1. substance abuse 

2. sports

3, teen pregnancy

4. faith and religion

5. mental illness

6. bullying


Online Reference Resources in Literature