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Fair Use

One Big Parody

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Help us celebrate Fair Use Week by turning Disney’s intellectual property into parodies.

Parody (n.) A ... composition modelled on and imitating another work, esp. a composition in which the characteristic style and themes of a particular author or genre are satirized by being applied to inappropriate or unlikely subjects, or are otherwise exaggerated for comic effect.

What is Fair Use?

What is Fair Use?

Fair Use is an element of copyright law that allows for the free and legal use of copyrighted material under certain conditions.

There are four factors to consider when determining if a use is fair:

  • The purpose of the use
  • The nature of the original work
  • The amount used
  • The effect on the original’s market


Is Parody a Fair Use?

Some types of uses are specifically named in the law as fair use, including criticism and commentary, the two elements of parody.

The other named fair uses are news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


Parody in Music

We’ve all sung our own lyrics to a song at least once.

The Goal: Make our own version of Disney’s, “I Just Can’t Wait to be King!”

The Task: Add a line or verse to our lyrics, following the original tune.

The Trick: You can listen to the original music on the iPad if that helps you jam!


Parody in Words

Not all fanfiction is parody, but most parodies are basically fanfiction.

The Goal: Have fun by playing off of the original stories/characters/style in unexpected and funny ways.

The Task: Add a sentence, or paragraph, or two, to our novel parody, “The Happiest Place in the Library.”

The Trick: Avoid using the original names, but descriptors are always welcome, you walking, talking mouse with oversized ears and a squeaky voice!


Parody in Art

A picture is worth a thousand words.

The Goal: Change up the poster enough that it’s only reminiscent of itself.

The Task: Doodle, color, edit, annotate, or paste images onto the poster.

The Trick: Artistic technique not required. Abstract stick figures welcome!


Parody in Name

Titles are trademarked, not copyrighted, but fair use is still a thing.

The Goal: Rename these movies.

The Task: Add your idea for a new title to the list and vote for titles you like!

The Trick: Just be brutally honest.