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Music : A Research Guide

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Making the most of Google

Google searching: Waaaaaay too many results.   

With Google, the issue is not generally too few results, but way too many results and none of them is exactly what you want.   Move beyond Wikipedia by:

  • Using the Advanced search option (located at the bottom of the results page of a Google search)  to fine tune search results. 
  • Combining your search terms in a meaningful way -- use "phrase searching"
  • Searching within a site or domain (.edu, .gov., .org)  to further limit results.    For instance, .gov for federal information
  • Indicating where your keywords show up -- for instance, in the title of the page. 

And remember, evaluate, evaluate, evaluate - be a critical consumer .

Google Scholar

  • Use the Advanced search option  (located under the pulldown arrow on the righthand side of the Google Scholar search box) to fine tune search results
  • Pay close attention to date of publication  -- much older material
  • Use the "cited in " link to lead to other articles
  • Don't purchase articles -- search the journal title in Etown's Journal Finder or order it on ILLiad Interlibrary Loan

 Google books:

Google news:

  • Use the Advanced search option   (located at the bottom of the results page of a Google News search) to fine tune search results
  • Limit by country, news source and date.
  • See most recent items first