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Political Science: A Research Guide

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Reference Books Covering American Politics

HarperCollins Dictionary of American Government and Politics (Ref 320.97303 Sh525d 1993)

The Oxford Guide to the United States Government (Ref 320.473 P314o)

The Almanac of American Politics (Ref 328.73 B265a 2008)

Congressional Quarterly Almanac (Ref 328.73 C749)

The Encyclopedia of the United States Congress (Ref 328.73 En562)

Encyclopedia of the American Constitution (Ref 342.73 En56 2000)

Encyclopedia of the American Presidency (Ref 353.03 En56)

America at the Polls 1960-2000 (Ref 324.2 Sca283a 1960-2000)

Congressional Quarterly's Guide to U.S. Elections (Ref 324.73 C749g5)

The Gallup Poll (Ref 301.1543 G175r) 1972-2007. Also available at

Civil Rights in the United States (Ref 323.0973 C582)

Statistical Abstract of the United States (Ref 317.3 Un3s). Also available at:

United States Government Manual (Ref 353 Un58). Also available at:

Reference Books Covering International Politics

The Dictionary of World Politics: a Reference Guide to Concepts, Ideas, and Institutions (Ref 320.03 Ev92d)

Encyclopedia of Government and Politics (Ref 320.03 En56)

The Encyclopedia of Democracy (Ref 321.803 En56)

The Encyclopedia of Politics and Religion (Ref 322.103 En56)

The Europa Year Book (Ref 341.184 Eu89)

Nations of the World: a Political, Economic & Business Handbook (Ref 327.09 N277 2007-08)

Statesman's Year-Book (Ref 305 St29)

Statistical Yearbook. United Nations. (Ref 310.5 Un3 2007)

Demographic Yearbook. United Nations. (Ref 312 Un58d 2006)

Encyclopedia of the United Nations and International Agreements (REF 341.23 Os83e 2003)

World Almanac (Ref 317 W 893)