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Wall Street Journal Digital Access

WSJ Digital Subscription

The High Library's Wall Street Journal subscription allows current Etown students, faculty, and staff to access the paper's online edition, whether on or off-campus via a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Our subscription provides access to the Wall Street Journal online from 4 years ago to the present.

To set up your account, follow these steps:

1. Click on our Etown College-specific link:
2. If prompted, enter your Etown network credentials on the authentication page.

3. Next, on the registration page, enter your Etown credentials if they do not automatically populate then create a password. Your password can only contain alphanumeric characters, must be 5-15 characters long, contain at least one number, and may not contain spaces or special characters. Don't forget to choose your account type from the drop-down menu. If you are a student, you will also be asked to enter your graduation month and year.

4. You can now use your account  to log in to the Wall Street Journal web site or mobile app from any location, on or off-campus.


If you have a personal  Wall Street Journal membership and would like to convert it to an Etown-sponsored Wall Street Journal membership, call 1-800-JOURNAL to cancel your current subscription.

Migrating an Existing WSJ Account

How do I migrate my personal Wall Street Journal subscription to our institutional subscription?

  • First, cancel your personal/paid account, by calling 1-800-JOURNAL. Cite the reason as "transitioning the account over to a school-sponsored membership at Elizabethtown College".
  • Next, if you used your email address for your personal/paid subscription, our registration page at will give a warning “It looks like you already have an account.”

  • Click the blue Sign in link under this message to re-associate this email address with our institutional account. You will receive a Welcome email from the WSJ confirming that you are now ready to go!

Account Renewal

You may be asked to renew your account on the anniversary of your registration with in order to confirm your on-going affiliation with Etown College.

To do this, you must log in via this Etown College-specific link (, as you did when you first registered.