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Documenting Etown's COVID-19 Experience: Faculty, Students, Staff, & Alumni

Faculty, Students, Staff, & Alumni

Project Introduction

The Earl H. & Anita F. Hess Archives & Special Collections is hoping to document the diverse experiences of faculty, students, staff, and alumni as the world grapples with the coronavirus pandemic. Coping with the incredible changes that this pandemic has had on our lives and on our campus community has been a challenge that we are working hard to meet, and for posterity, we seek to preserve your responses and reflections. We invite all Etown students, staff, faculty, and alumni to submit any documentation of your experience during this time. While we hope that these materials will be useful to future researchers, we ask for submissions mainly as a means of encouraging self-expression and human connection during this time.

What Are We Looking For?

You're welcome to submit any creative work that documents your experience and conveys your thoughts and emotions. Submission types include:

  • journal entries 
  • personal essays
  • poems 
  • photographs (or other visual art pieces)
  • music or other audio recordings
  • videos 

Here are some prompts that may help you to reflect on your experience:

  • What has daily life been like for you? How have things changed?
  • How have you, your family members, and your friends been impacted by the virus?
  • What would you like others to know about your experience? 

Submission Form (for files 100 MB or less)

Large File Submission Form (for files over 100 MB)

In order to submit larger files to the Documenting Etown's COVID-19 Experience project, please click the link to this submission form.

Larger file types would include materials like videos and audio recordings. In order to fill out this form, you must first log in with your Etown username and password, so please note that this form will only be accessible for current students, staff, and faculty with an Etown account. Alumni with large file submissions may contact Josh Cohen for alternate submission options.

Hess Archives


If you have questions about your submission, or about the project itself, please contact:

Josh Cohen
Instruction & Outreach Librarian