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Video Streaming Collections

How to use our streaming video collections, including tips on creating direct links.


The JoVE video collection focuses on teaching science fundamentals through easy-to-understand video demonstrations.

Elizabethtown College currently subscribes to two collections on this platform (once in, click on "Basic Biology"):

  • General Laboratory Techniques
  • Basic Methods in Cellular and Molecular Biology

Through June 15, 2020, we also have trial access the complete JoVE Core Collection.  For this expanded list, see the green links here: 


Each JoVE video has a persistent URL. No modification is necessary to use these links in Canvas, as long as it includes the proxy prefix.

To link to a JoVE video:

  • Identify the video
  • Launch the video 
  • An authenticated persistent link to the video displays in the URL address bar on your browser
  • Alternatively, there is a persistent URL in the sidebar labeled:  "Share this Article"
  • Copy and Paste the appropriate URL into Canvas, syllabi, documents, or web pages

Faculty should note: If you are working from on campus, you may not pickup our proxy prefix as part of the process.  The URL should look something like the following links (these are two valid addresses for the same video):


If you link starts with just "" it will not be accessible to your off-campus students.  But if you prefix these URLs with:


They should be fine!