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EN 170 "Confessionalism" in American Literature and Popular Culture

Topic Development Exercise

Topic Development

For this assignment, you will explore reference resources to find a topic to write on. You may also use Grobe or Sherwin (or one of our other assigned secondary sources) to find ideas. Choose at least two of these resources to explore.  Explore more if you are struggling to shape your own topic. I recommend using primary source materials that we have studied in class, but you may choose to include or focus on a writer or artist that we haven't covered in class, as long as it is approved by me. You may compare/contrast the work of any of the artists we've covered. You may argue with Grobe or Sherwin, or build off of their arguments in some way. 


Below are links to some encyclopedia articles that might be helpful starting points:

"Confession" by Miranda Sherwin

"Confessional Poetry" by S. Rosenbaum (really great bibliography with this one)

You might also build an idea off of one of the secondary source readings you've been assigned. I would also highly advise looking at the books recommended on this LibGuide under "FInd Books." Or you might search Literary Reference Center Plus below for reference articles.

Online Reference Resources in Literature