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FYS Global Perspectives of Health


With links to a variety of resources just for your course, this guide is a great place to start your research!  Remember that these are only some of the sources that may be useful to you. Have a question? Feel free to use the contact information in the sidebar!



QuickSearch is a discovery tool that retrieves books, articles, media and more found in the High Library Catalog, databases, and digital collections. Use the facets on the left side of the results screen to narrow your search by publication type, language, date, topic and more.

Topic Development Exercise

For this exercise, please follow the link and instructions to explore topic ideas and post your answers. Instructions are also included below:

Reference Resource List

1. Credo Reference Database

2. Wikipedia

3. CQ Researcher

4. QuickSearch (Research Starter)


Reference resources like those listed above are excellent places to start research by getting an overview of a topic and developing ideas about how to narrow that topic, and by providing a bibliography of relevant resources on the topic. Keep in mind that because they provide an overview, they are generally not directly used within a research paper. You will be assigned to review two of the above resources and search for your topic, then provide the information requested below.


  1. List your name, topic, reference resources, and a permalink to your resource. Be prepared to discuss which keywords were most helpful, which resource you preferred, and why (consider features like content, bibliography, etc).

Research Assignment - Part 1

For in-class portion of your library instruction assignment, please find one scholarly source and one current events article. Post a link to the articles here, and be prepared to answer the following questions.


  • How did you find this resource (what database, search engine, catalog, etc., and what keywords did you use)?

  • How will this resource help you write your research paper?

  • Is this a primary or secondary resource?