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Collection Review: Bound Periodicals

Bound Periodical Review (2018/2019)

The Library is reviewing our print periodical volumes also owned in an online format, with the goal of withdrawing any print back files no longer needed.  While we have done similar projects on a selective basis in the past, there might be enough cross departmental interest in some of these titles that we are offering the list for general review before pursuing any subsequent steps.

Holdings on this list overlap two of our online archives: JSTOR and Wiley.  In both cases we have perpetual ownership of the corresponding online content.  For some sets, this represents only part of our overall print holdings for the title.  But you will also see the list marked where we intend on keeping some newer print volumes because they fall into years where our online access is currently contingent on maintaining an online subscription.

Why might we want to keep any of the print holdings listed?  The answer is up to each discipline, so we are open to your recommendations.  While the total number of volumes involved represents only 93 titles or about 5% of our print periodical collection, we wanted to give all faculty the chance to weigh in on the decision.  So please send any requests to keep particular titles to our Collection Development Librarian, Tom Zaharevich at or x1452.

Unless we have any requests to extend the date, our deadline is Friday, February 15, 2019.

Thank you for your assistance!