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FYS True Stories & Your Stories

Background (Reference) Articles

Topics mentioned within the article "American Creative Nonfiction: Background and History:" 

  • memoir and confessional narratives
  • "travel" writing
  • simple living narratives
  • "nature" writing (Thoreau)
  • environmental writing
  • "The New Journalism" (Tom Wolfe, Hunter S. Thompson, Joan Didion)
  • true crime narratives
  • illness narratives
  • food writing
  • the "dog" memoir
  • self-discovery memoir
  • celebrity memoir

Recommended Books

From the above texts, you will find other topic ideas you might explore like:


1. the blurred lines between fiction and nonfiction

2. feminist creative nonfiction

3. African-American creative nonfiction

4. creative nonfiction through graphic novels

5. creative nonfiction on drug abuse and addiction

6. autobiography and mental illness

7. sports memoir

8. reliability of memory in creative nonfiction

9. ethics and creative nonfiction