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FYS Global Child Welfare and Well-Being

Reference Resources

Reference Books

Topic Development

Go to your Canvas page to complete the following exercise:

Reference Resource List

1. Credo Reference Database

2.The Cambridge Dictionary of Sociology (Ref 301.03 C178)

3. Wikipedia

4. CQ Researcher


Reference resources like those listed above are excellent places to start research by getting an overview of a topic and developing ideas about how to narrow that topic, and by providing a bibliography of relevant resources on the topic. Keep in mind that because they provide an overview, they are generally not directly used within a research paper.

Partner with someone in class, each using a different resource from those listed above and explore a topic related to the subject of your course that interests you.

1. After perusing the sources, with your partner, discuss which research you believe to be most helpful and why.

2. What area of the topic most interests you? If you had to frame your topic as a question you’d like to explore, how might you word it? For instance, if I was interested in comparing poverty rates in the U.S. to other Western countries, I might phrase my initial research question as, "How do poverty rates in European countries compare with the U.S. over the past ten years and why do those differences/similarities exist?"