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English 240: American Literature: Find background info

U.S. History

The American Heritage Encyclopedia of American History (Ref 973.003 Am512)

Dictionary of American History (Ref 973 D561 1976)

Encyclopedia of American Social History (Ref 302 En56)

Historic Documents (Ref 973.02 H673)

The Encyclopedia of Southern Culture (Ref 975.8016 G946)

Encyclopedia of the American Civil War (Ref 973.703 En56)

The Encyclopedia of Pennsylvania (Ref 974.8003 En56)

A Guide to the History of Pennsylvania (Ref 974.8003 En56)

The Presidents: a Reference History (Ref 973.0992 P933)

Vital Statistics on the Presidency: Washington to Clinton (Ref 324.63 R144v)

Print Literary Criticism

All of these titles are indexed in Gale Literary Index.

Online Literary Criticism

Literature Overviews

Literary Terms, Themes, Theories, etc.