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Seminar in Musicology: Find Background Info

Print Reference Resources

Online Reference Resources

Reference Assignment

You will be assigned to review and evaluate a reference resource on Ludwig Van Beethoven or Gustav Mahler and answer the question, how would this resource be helpful or not helpful for musicology research? You will be assigned to review the New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians entry (a print reference resource--see above for the call number), the CREDO entry (see above for the link), or the Wikipedia entry.

Write down your answers on the provided poster paper and be prepared to share your answers with the class.

Catalog Search

Go directly to the High Library Catalog or search here:  


Keyword searches in Words or phrase will retrieve items containing the words together in any one field. This is the broadest type of search, with the highest number of results and the largest number of irrelevant items.

Use AND between search terms to find items with those words in several different labeled fields such as subject and title.

Examples: China AND music; India AND music; Africa AND music; Egypt AND music.  Also try replacing "music" with "ethnomusicology."

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