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Momentum 2019

So You Think You Can Search?

So You Think You Can Search?


Test your library searching acumen! You will be divided up into teams. Each team will be charged with answering a series of questions about the features of the library website. The team to answer the most questions correctly first will win a prize.  All answers will be reviewed after the competition.


Library Catalog Questions

1. How many Beatles CDs does High Library own? 

2. Find the Steinbeck novel The Grapes of Wrath in the catalog. On what level of the library is it located?

3. How many search results do you get for a SUBJECT search for "Beatles?"

4.  How many search results do you get for an ANY FIELD search for "Beatles?"

Academic Search Ultimate Questions

Academic Search Ultimate is a great first database to start research. Select "Databases and Articles" and find the Academic Search Ultimate. Then answer the questions below.

5.  Academic Search Ultimate will search for a variety of articles, including articles from magazines, newspapers and academic journals. If you just want to find academic journal articles, how can you limit your search to find only those articles?

6. How many results do you get for a search of college orientation?

7. How many results do you get if you put quotation marks around the search for "college orientation?"

8. What is the phone number you would use to text a librarian?

Quick Search Questions

Quick Search is like the Google of library search tools. It will search across most of our online resources including all databases and catalogs. You will find articles, books, videos, etc.

9. Search the term Star Wars in Quick Search. How many items do you find (the approximate number is fine)?

10. Name three different types of resources that come up from the Star Wars search.

General Website Questions

11. What is the maximum amount of time that can you reserve a Group Study room for?

12. True or False:  You can contact a librarian by e-mail, chat (during reference desk hours), text, going to the reference desk during reference hours, or by filling out an appointment form.