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OT 227: Occupations and Models of Practice in Occupational Therapy: Advanced Research

Mining for additional sources

Found a great article and want to find more on this topic?  Take a look at the bibliography or references and consider examining those sources.  You can also track citations in several databases, such as Academic Search Premier and JSTOR (see the box below).

Evaluating Web Resources

The Web is an amazing gateway to endless information, just make sure you evaluate it!


Scholarly impact factors (bibliometrics) provide information on the perceived importance of a journal article or journal title itself, based on how many times others have cited, read, or commented on these sources.  Evaluating scholarly impact can be useful in the tenure process, as well as a means to find additional articles on a given topic.

For additional information on bibliometric measures, please see the following articles:

* Tip: For best results, examine multiple scholarly impact factors. *

Determining scholarly impact using the library's databases