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FYS HNR Big Theological Questions: Sadd

Reference Assignment

In small groups, you will be assigned to review and evaluate a reference resource on Buddhism, Karl Marx, or the Church of the Brethren and to answer the  following questions:

1. How would this resource be helpful or not helpful for a research paper in this area? 

2. Does the resource provide a comprehensive overview of the topic? 

3. How useful is the provided bibliography?

4. Would you recommend this resource to your classmates? Why?


You will be assigned to review the Encyclopedia of Religion (print, see below), CREDO online database, the Brethren Encyclopedia, the Encyclopedia of Buddhism (print), or the Oxford Companion to Christian Thought (print).


Write down your answers and be prepared to share your answers with the class.

Reference Database

Print Reference Books

Use reference books to provide background information and to place a topic in its social or historical context. Reference books are located on the main floor of the library and cannot be checked out.  To find reference books:   from the catalog search page click on the Type pull-down menu and select Ref-Book.