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FYS American Environmentalism: Readings in Conservation History

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Reference Books

Encyclopedia of Biodiversity. 2001. Ref 333.9503 En56  5 volumes & eBook.

The Encyclopedia of the Environment (Ref 363.7 En562)

The Green Encyclopedia (Ref 363.7 F822g)

Encyclopedia of Climate and Weather. 1996. Ref 551.503 En562  2 volumes.

Encyclopedia of Environmental Biology. 1995. Ref 577 En56  3 volumes.
    Excellent articles on topics such as acid rain, deforestation, desertification, ecotoxicology, as well as specific ecosystems such as marine ecosystem, etc.

Encyclopedia of Global Change: Environmental change and human society.  2002. Ref 363.7 En56 
    Articles study the diverse impacts that humans have on their environment as well as natural environmental changes.

Interdisciplinary Encyclopedia of Marine Science. 2002. Ref 551.46 In61 3 volumes.

Water: Science and Issues. 
2003. Ref 553.703 D229w  4volumes.