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Nippon Cinema

Nippon Cinema

Nippon Cinema is first and foremost a blog/fansite run by  enthusiastic fan of Japanese movies, Kevin Ouellette. Begun in 2006 the site has evolved as an "organic" enterprise to include more expert information, reviews, trailers of current Japanese Cinema (often hard to find titles).

*Search suggestion: use the handy "Select Category" search box to choose the desired film genre.

Finds Films on Japan at the High Library

You can also locate films on Japan. Using the High Library Catalog, enter the term "Japan" in the [words or phrases] box. Then scroll to the "Type" box and select "DVD" or "Video" from the list. Some suggested film titles are:


Japanese Cinema: Horror Films

Japanese Horror Cinema is an extremely popular and well-established genre of the Japanese film industry. You can browse specifically for Japanese horror film in the High Library catalog by typing "Horror films - Japan" in the subject field in the catalog search screen.

This search will retrieve all items such as books and DVDs related to this subject.

You can also search the WorldCat database for Japanese Horror films and books. Items located in WorldCat can be requested through Interlibrary Loan