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History: A Research Guide: European history

It's good to be King

James I, King of England, 1603-1625 (painting by Daniël Mitjens)

His physician noted that the king's drinking "errs as to quality, quantity, frequency, time and order."  - David C. Price, Love and Hate in Jamestown

Ancient to Modern Europe

 A Dictionary of the Ancient Greek World (Ref 938.003 Sa121d)

Encyclopedia of the Roman Empire (Ref 937.0603 B942e)

The Times Atlas of European History (Ref 940 T583)

A Concise Historical Atlas of Eastern Europe (Ref 911.47 H958c)

Historical Atlas of Britain (Ref 911.42 H673)

Dictionary of the Middle Ages (Ref 909.07 D554)

Encyclopedia of European Social History: from 1350-2000 (Ref 940 En56)

Encyclopedia of the Renaissance (Ref 940.23 En56)

Tudor England: an Encyclopedia (Ref 942.05 T9122)

Historical Dictionary of the Elizabethan World: Britain, Ireland, Europe, and America
(Ref 942.055 W133h)

Encyclopedia of Romanticism: Culture in Britain, 1780s-1830s (Ref 942.073 En56)

The 1890s: an Encyclopedia of British Literature, Art, and Culture (Ref 942.081 Ei34)

Victorian Britain: an Encyclopedia (Ref 942.081 V645)

Encyclopedia of the Holocaust (Ref 940.5315 En56)

The Holocaust Encyclopedia (Ref 940.5318 H754)

The Encyclopedia of the Third Reich (Ref 943.086 En56)

 Dictionary of the British Empire and Commonwealth (Ref 909 P173d)

The Encyclopedia of Britain (Ref 941 En56)

The Encyclopedia of Ireland: an A-Z Guide to its People, Places, History, and Culture
(Ref 941.5 En56)

Dictionary of the Russian Revolution (Ref 947.0841 D554)

The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Russia and the Former Soviet Union (Ref 947.003 C178)

The Newly Independent States of Eurasia: Handbook of Former Soviet Republics
(Ref 948 M489)

Subject Guide

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