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FYS Hula Hoops, Hot Wheels and Hopscotch: American History and the Material Culture of Childhood: Home

Reference Assignment

In groups you will be examine and compare reference resources on Toys and Games and answer the question, how would this resource be helpful or not helpful for college-level research? How do the different resources compare? You will be assigned to review the CREDO entry on Toys and Games and the Wikipedia entry for Toys.

Write down your answers on the provided poster paper and be prepared to share your answers with the class.

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Unknown - Private archive. Scanned by Andreas Praefcke.

Junge mit Reifen (Spielzeug), um 1902-1905. Der 1900 geborene Georg Victor Praefcke, Sohn eines aus Mecklenburg stammenden königlich preußischen Offiziers, fotografiert in Straßburg im Elsass, trägt einen Kinder-Paletot im Stil der populären Matrosenanzüge.

Public Domain

Class Assignment

For your library instruction assignment, please find three resources, either primary or secondary, on your research paper topic. The three resources should consist of one scholarly article, one reference resource, and one book resource. Provide a citation for each resource and answer the following questions about the resource:

  • How did you find this resource (what database, search engine, catalog, etc., and what keywords did you use)?

  • How would you evaluate this resource/how do you know it’s reliable? (You can use the CRAAP test.)

  • How will this resource help you write your research paper?

  • Is this a primary or secondary resource?

You should be able to find three citations for your resources by the end of this class, but the completed assignment will not be due during this library session. I would like you to post a link to one resource you've found in this Google Doc. Be ready to answer how you found the resource and why you chose it since we will discuss some of your resources in class.

Subject Guide

The Research Process