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Alma System Migration

Learn about the High Library's adoption of Alma, a cloud-based system that will streamline the behind-the-scenes management of the library's print and electronic collections.

Alma Migration Details


Behind the scenes, most libraries rely on an integrated library system (ILS), a product with built-in workflows and infrastructure designed to track the ordering, invoicing, and cataloging of new materials as well as the flow of circulating items.  On June 3, 2019, the High Library will begin to use Alma, a cloud-based ILS from ProQuest’s Ex Libris that will streamline the management of the library’s print and electronic collections within a single system.

Will I notice any changes?

While you’ll still find the same content in QuickSearch, you’ll see a new look to its design in June.  You’ll also see a new interface for renewing your High Library items as well as reviewing other details associated with your personal library account.

Why switch?

After an extensive review of system options in Fall 2017, the library decided to join the Keystone Library Network (KLN), a 20-member consortium of public and private academic and research libraries in the state of Pennsylvania.  As KLN aids not only in the support of Alma but also in the large-scale negotiation of resource subscriptions and products for all KLN libraries, the High Library chose Alma—and the consortium—for its potential cost savings and long-term collaborative advantages.

Recommendations for Users

Our go-live date for Alma is June 3, 2019.  As we continue to roll out our new system this summer and fall, we'll do our best to keep the College community informed of our progress.  We'll also post recommendations and troubleshooting suggestions for any known issues below...

All good for now!  Check back again as our June 3 go-live date approaches.